Grupo AUG

Aug Group

AUG Corporate is form by experts in Tax, Accounting, Legal, Corporate, Labor, Human Resources and related areas with the aim of structuring, developing and strengthening the successful direction of the companies.

With our specializes services, we support companies to promote their growth in a sustainable way and insert them in the internal or external market in its more competitive phase.


Cooperate with the Pymes in their structuration, by business advice, planning, selection, hiring, administration and training of the internal and external human capital, beating the expectations on us. Potentializing the qualities, improving the progressive growth and internal function, getting this way an articulated growth of our clients.


Be the top company in Mexico, in human factor theme, with our quality in our service as support and the effective in all our process, providing full support with added value to our costumers and to society. Focused in diagnostic and solve organizational deficits and Pymes strategy’s.


AUG Corporate is a commitment company with the Mexican social development, with this principles:

  • Professional Ethic
  • Honesty
  • Social commitment
  • Cooperation
  • Constance